Success Stories

"Alina has increased her abilities and confidence in reading! Her overall confidence and motivation are improving as well as her ability to work toward goals. Her state standardized test score in reading improved drastically from “approaching grade level” to achieving the highest “mastery” level. Without BHPI, she would not have received the targeted, focused support for her needs. Alina went from meeting expectations in reading to exceeding them."
- Doris Garrett

"Our kids have enjoyed Beacon Hill and the instructors have done a wonderful job adjusting to conducting the sessions virtually, despite the many challenges the pandemic has presented. Thanks for all of your help."
- Kimberly Howard

"Good Morning Mrs. Derry, I just wanted to give you the great news! Dylan mastered reading and met all requirements for math and passed. He was two questions away from the mastery level. So, I just wanted to give a big shout out to all of the hard work that was provided. I also wanted to give a big shout out to the teachers and Mr. Kevin Ross at The Great Beacon Hill!"
- Tammee Sandles

"Congratulations to our Beacon Hill Scholar, Miss Ava Hollins, for being selected to Dallas ISD Talented and Gifted program! Ava also received report card grades this week of 100 in BOTH reading and math classes. We are super proud to have been a part of Ava's educational journey for both Reading and Math since Kindergarten!"
- Amye Thompson

"Hello, I’m London Sansom’s mom and I have really enjoyed watching him enjoy Math this summer. This has never been a favorite subject of his. He said liked Math this summer and how fun the assignments are! I was shocked and overjoyed at the same time, LOL!"
- Shonte Samson

"Beacon Hill is a special program and we’re excited about the partnership that Dallas ISD has with Beacon Hill, because it helps to serve our high-priority students and our high priority communities where sometimes students have been underserved from PreK and beyond. So, when our students are going on to not only middle school, but high school and beyond, we know with the assistance of Beacon Hill our students are going to be a success because they have been able to close the gaps from year to year so that our students can make outstanding academic achievement gains for the rest of their lives."
- Jessica Walker Assistant Principal at Edie Bernice Johnson Elementary

"Beacon Hill has been a great community partner within the district. We have been working with them for a number of years, specifically to ensure that students are developing literacy skills and getting close to reading on grade-level.

One of the things we love about Beacon Hill is that they have a really great program that they have expertise in and they develop partnerships with our campuses… Beacon Hill has done really great at building that relationship and building that trust with our district and with our schools.

Beacon Hill’s tutoring program is key because is gives students extra time and content to develop the skills they are often struggling with. That extra time makes a huge difference across the school year."
- Derek Little - Deputy Chief of Academics (Programs)

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