Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Beacon Hill is not a school. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that changes the odds for students with high-quality, high-impact learning opportunities. We accomplish this through in-school math and reading tutoring, as well as afterschool, summer and other academic enrichment programs in underserved neighborhoods. We believe in the potential of every child and bring proven, data-driven approaches to our school partners that light a path for students to succeed.

In-School Programs

Public, Charter and Private Schools may sign up for an In-School Evaluation to see if their school will fit the criteria for In-School, After School, or Summer Bridge Reading and/or Math Tutoring programming.

For more information, either:
Take our District Administrator survey below, or
Call our corporate office at 972-329-7779 or
Email us at

Complete district interest survey

After-School Programs

Students in grades PreK – 12th can register for our program.
Beacon Hill offers Math and Reading tutoring sessions. Students may register for one subject only or both.

Beacon Hill has 3 semesters a year that programs take place: Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get immediate notifications on specific registration dates.

Our after-school program is offered every Fall and Spring. Beacon Hill’s Spring 2021 program will run from January 19, 2021 to May 21, 2021. The dates for our Fall 2021 program have not been determined.

Due to covid, our after-school program is currently virtual-only over Zoom and requires internet access. Summer Bridge Camps will also be virtual-only.

Beacon Hill will resume In-Person and Virtual tutoring in Fall of 2021.

After-school hours are 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm. All available options will be included within the registration form.

Step 1: Take a student Assessment

Register your child for a FREE assessment on our website. They will complete this assessment to identify areas of need and determine their individualized learning plan.

Schedule an Assessment

Step 2: Assessment Consultation

After assessments are given, a FREE consultation is provided to answer any questions about your child’s assessment results or questions about the program.

Step 3: Student Registration

Parents may now register their child for a Math and/or Reading tutoring session by visiting our website.

Beacon Hill’s after-school program is offered Monday – Thursday. If a student is registered for 1 subject, he/she will attend 2 days a week for 1 hour each day. If a student is registered for 2 subjects, they will attend 4 days a week (2 days per subject) for 1 hour each day.

Parents can register their students for either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday sessions.
Yes, however scholarships are available on a first-come, first-serve limited basis. When you register your student for our program, please mark yes for the question “Would you like to be considered for a Need Based Scholarship?”

Summer Programs

The Beacon Hill Summer Bridge Camp runs from June to July each year. Parents have the option to register their students for only one month or both. Students will be enrolled for 3-weeks each month. If parents plan to take a vacation, they can plan around our summer program dates.

The summer program runs from June to July each year. Parents have the option to register their students for only one month of both. Students will be enrolled for 3 weeks during each month.
Yes, students can be registered for only one subject (Math/Reading), or they can be registered to take both subjects at once.
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