Parent Academy: Where the Path to Student Success Begins

What Is Parent Academy?

Parents of students in Beacon Hill’s programs are welcome to join our Parent Academy. Parent Academy is here to help you support your child’s education. We provide tips and tools to help you help your child do well in school.

You Play an Important Part in Your Child’s Success

You are the most important person for your child, and you know them best. Your help makes a big difference in how well they do in school and in life. As a parent, you can:

  • Help your child do their best in school
  • Understand how your child is feeling and what they’re experiencing at school
  • Make a positive impact on your child’s learning at home and at school
  • Speak up for good education for your child and others

What We Offer

Throughout the school year, we have activities for you and your child to do together at home. These activities help your child connect what they learn in school to their everyday life. Each activity has four parts:

  • Check It: Quick quizzes to see what your family is good at and where you can improve
  • Talk About It: Conversation starters for you and your child
  • Try It: Fun activities you can do together to learn and spend time together
  • Learn About It: Tips for you to help your child with their education

Benefits of Parent Academy

  • Better grades and learning outcomes for your child
  • Stronger connections between school, family, and community
  • Better communication between the school and parents
  • More involvement from you in your child’s education


Rewards for Participation

Beacon Hill Bucks for Your Scholar:

  • Every Beacon Hill student takes part in our Beacon Hill Bucks program. Students earn Beacon Hill Bucks by attending school, completing books, memorizing our poem, and more.
  • Students can use these Beacon Hill Bucks at our Beacon Hill store during the 9-week celebration. The store has school supplies, snacks, toys, and more!
  • For every activity your child completes at home through Parent Academy, they’ll get an extra $20 in Beacon Hill Bucks. This is an extra way to celebrate their effort and learning.

For more information about our Parent Academy, please email

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