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We believe that talent is distributed equally but opportunity is not.

Using our award-winning curriculum and hands-on activities, we provide in-school reading and math tutoring at high-priority elementary school campuses to help close the educational gap for students who most need our support.

Only 41% of Dallas County 3rd Graders met state reading standards in 2019...

…according to the Commit Partnership’s Dallas County scorecard. These numbers are even more significant among minority children and children who live in poverty. These children are the focus of Beacon Hill’s tutoring programs.

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This issue for these children will likely worsen without intervention.

– A child’s academic success at the end of first grade predicts with stunning accuracy how that child will be performing when they reach ninth grade. – Nationwide in 2013, 56% of non-Hispanic white eighth-graders were below the proficient level, compared with 79% of Latinos and American Indians and 86% of African Americans. – Minority children living in poverty who are not proficient readers by 3rd grade are eight times more likely to drop out of high school. Without assistance now, high-school dropouts will significantly increase the tax burden through higher: unemployment rates, incidences of criminal activity, substance use disorders, mental and physical health problems, use of public assistance, and more. As a business community, employers will become increasingly frustrated with an illiterate and unskilled workforce.

65% of students living in poverty, 70% of black students, and 61% of Hispanic students need more support to meet standards in 3rd Grade Reading.

The problem for the children in our targeted schools will likely worsen exponentially without intervention. Minority children living in poverty who are not proficient readers by 3rd grade are eight times more likely to drop out of high school.

The schools where we are providing services are part of I-2020. These schools have been designated as low-performing and comprised of many low-income families. A typical example of the schools we serve is:

  • TEA designated “Improvement Required”.
  • Only 20% of students read at grade level in 2013.
  • 81% of students are African American.
  • 19% are Hispanic.
  • 88% are economically disadvantaged.

Our program provides individualized attention, tutoring to achieve mastery in Language Arts, and applied learning to ensure academic success in Middle School, High School, and beyond.

We use the highly effective Gideon Curriculum.

Instructional materials include curriculum related to learning to read, reading comprehension and vocabulary, standardized test prep, grammar, writing. It is designed to promote self-discipline, focus and ability, confidence, self-challenging behaviors, and continued learning.

Hands-on manipulative opportunities are offered to support the Gideon curriculum and to ensure that each student’s learning style is addressed. Research shows that one of the most effective methods for engaging a child’s brain is through sensory exploration, hand movement, and the use of manipulatives. We educate through visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, and social opportunities. We are using hands-on manipulatives to engage students and help them learn through tactile and movement activities. We talk to them about what they are doing and why and give them an opportunity to see what everyone is creating through each manipulative task.

Bringing reading to life is essential to engaging each child’s creativity. We provide a Literacy Tree where volunteers welcome students and read to them in a specially designated area of the classroom. Students can earn “Beacon Hill Bucks” for improved grades which can be spent in the Literacy Store on fun school supplies, headphones, cool socks, nail polish, watches, and more donated goodies.

While there is a range of literacy programs in Dallas, few rely on community volunteers who “look like” the children they serve. Children see their tutors as role models and begin to believe that they can become educated and successful.

Our proven curriculum is fully TEKS and ELPS aligned. It assists with basic understanding, application of critical thinking skills, and use of strategies to analyze:

Basic Understanding.

Beginning with the consonants, the Beacon Hill/Gideon Learning to Read program teaches not just letter recognition, but the sounds of the letters as well. We provide orally-read primary phonic story books to accompany this series that promote confidence and fluent readers.

Applying Critical Thinking Skills.

Our vocabulary program creates challenging activities to advance and strengthen basic language skills. Working with a list of twelve words and their definitions, the student engages in a variety of exercises such as crosswords, scrambled sentences, multiple choices and matching.

Strategies to Improve Comprehension.

The Beacon Hill/Gideon curriculum provides for early to complex comprehension levels designed to promote reading for meaning. The comprehension booklets provide a variety of exercises while developing new vocabulary.

Our In-School Tutoring Program

Students’ learning styles are as unique as their personalities. Our in-school tutoring program develops personalized strategies to ensure that those students most likely to fall behind are given the tools they need to not just keep up, but excel. Our classes are:


Our certified teachers have only 3 or 4 students at a time.

Through discussion, we learn how they are doing emotionally each day and why.

Personalized learning allows collaboration between teachers, parents, and students.


Sensory exploration, hand movement, and
manipulatives support diverse learning styles.

Breakout sessions allow enrichment activities, promote teamwork, and ensure new skills are refined through interactive exercises.

The challenges of Covid-19 led us to create virtual labs and other new learning methods which remain useful in both hybrid and in person teaching.


Designated, specially decorated spaces help the students understand they are being celebrated, not penalized.

Social opportunities promote holistic learning.

“Beacon Hill Bucks” provide incentives, allowing celebration of milestones and promoting financial literacy. 

“The results you have helped DISD students achieve in reaching and maintaining grade-appropriate reading levels is nothing short of astonishing.”

Derek Little, Deputy Chief of Academics (Programs), Dallas ISD

Between our award-winning math and reading curriculum (which is fully TEKS-aligned), our certified teachers, and our proven track record of improved academic performance for our Scholars, we are confident we can help you serve your students. In fact, your initial assessment is available free of charge.

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