After-School Tutoring

Our after-school tutoring program helps parents provide their children with the extra reading and assisted math tutoring they need to excel beyond the classroom.



They must take an assessment(s) before registering/ enrolling into their math/reading class(es).


If they have been out of our program for 6 weeks or more, they must retake an assessment(s) before registering/enrolling in their math/reading class(es).

Our After-School Tutoring Program has been changing childrens' lives since 2006

We use the highly effective Gideon Curriculum:

Assisted Reading Learners
(Preschool–2nd grade)

Primarily utilizes a phonetic approach. It is vitally important that the child becomes able to decode words rapidly with meaning. Research shows that understanding the relationship between letters and sounds is fundamental in learning to read. When the student's ability skills have progressed sufficiently, the Dolch word list is introduced. This list compiles the 220 most frequently used words in children's literature. The English language is 85% phonetic. The balance must be memorized. With this two-pronged approach, the young student gains the ability and confidence to read with fluency.

Math and Reading for Independent Learners
(3rd–8th grade)

As students progress in their capacity, we move children to a more independent learning environment where the tutoring ratio is 4 to 1.

Reading for Comprehension
(3rd through 12th grade)

This program is also taught using the Gideon curriculum at a 4 to 1 teacher ratio. Since our in-school reading tutoring is only provided at limited schools and is only for Pre-K through 5th grade, it is important to us to provide after-school tutoring at all grade levels.

Math and Reading for High School Learners
(9th–12th grade)

A strong knowledge of algebra basics is essential for success in high school, especially as the foundation for subjects like geometry. During this pivotal high school period where so much depends on strong math and reading foundations, we offer homework assistance and additional exercises to move students closer to mastery.

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Bill J. Priest – Dallas College
1402 Corinth, Dallas, Texas 75215

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