The Beacon Hill Preparatory Institute (Beacon Hill) concept began in the summer of 2003 when Charnella Derry (our current Executive Director) and Stephanie Lilly were trying to meet the needs of their own children—between their families they had 6 children at various grade levels. The two women were college roommates and graduates of Texas A&M University and both had a passion for supplemental education. They both came from families of educators and had been taught that education had to start at home and end in school and they wanted to give their children's teachers something to build on. After each family tried and used various accelerated programs, they decided (with teachers’ encouragement) to pass on to other families the lessons they had learned.

As African Americans they were especially concerned and aware of how so many minority and low income students continued to score low on standardized tests. They were determined to do something to help make a dent in this problem in the Dallas community. They knew that education had to be a partnership between the teacher, student and parent—all three had to work together in order for the child to excel.

Beacon Hill Preparatory Institute (Beacon Hill) evolved into a non-profit in 2006 and our first partnership formed: Beacon Hill provided staff and volunteers, Mountain View College provided space, and Gideon Math and Reading offered their quality curriculum focused on students in South Dallas, but extending to the Metroplex.

Today, Beacon Hill provides:

  • In-school tutoring at 15+ Elementary School Campuses
  • After-school tutoring at Dallas College - Bill J. Priest Campus (Pre-K - 12th Grade)
  • Enrichment programming (all ages)
  • Parent Prep Acadamy (all parents)
  • College Prep Program (9th-12th grade)
  • Summer Bridge Program (all ages).