In 2008 Beacon Hill Preparatory Institute and Gideon Math and Reading partnered to deliver the ultimate learning environment. BHPI/Gideon Learning programs are designed to supplement a child’s classroom academics helping them to master the basics, while sharpening their academic skills. Through the Gideon programs, the student will develop self-discipline, focus, math and reading ability, and personal accountability, as he progresses through the programs at his own pace.

The Math program is designed to achieve mastery of computational skills. The program consists of over 160 weekly booklets arranged sequentially from beginning number sense through high school geometry. The math curriculum is linear and each concept is shutterstock_138897257practiced until real mastery is achieved. The student is required to not merely understand how to perform an operation, but rather must “own” each new concept before moving on. Grade level word problems promote preparedness for yearly standardized testing. Oral drills complement the daily written work to facilitate memorization of the basic math facts.

The Reading program is structured around four literacy areas: phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. Learning to read means breaking the alphabetic code. Our word builder booklets provide a step-by-step program that allows the student to combine phonetic sounds to decode words.

The reading curriculum includes a booklet series designed to promote reading for meaning. A combination of comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and standardized test preparation provides a thorough curriculum that allows students to comfortably progress at their own pace.

All materials and instuctional methods are backed by highly respected academic research. The founders of Gideon Learning developed a math and reading program where students would develop to their full potential, be more responsible for their own learning and strengthen inde- pendent thinking skills. They did extensive research on the materials and curriculum found in public and private schools. After exhaustive research, the team built a comprehensive and complete math and reading program.

Gideon Math Curriculum

Gideon Reading Curriculum