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Beacon Hill Math


The Beacon Hill math program is a return to the classical way of achieving mastery of calculation skills. It accomplishes this using daily, disciplined practice with pencil, paper, and the finest computer of all, the human brain.

The course consists of over 3,000 worksheets arranged sequentially from pre-school work through high school algebra.

Beacon Hill is a linear curriculum. Concepts are learned in a step-by-step manner. Each concept is practiced until real mastery is achieved. The student is required to not merely understand how to perform an operation, but rather must ’own’ or internalize each new concept before moving to the next.

Each child moves in Beacon Hill at his or her own pace. The speed of advancement is dependent only upon the student’s achievement, not their age or school grade. There is no failure in Beacon Hill. The child merely repeats until mastery is achieved. Because of the individualized pacing, the program works well for children of all abilities and ages.

The math program is also enhanced with weekly drills in preparation for state standardized testing.

The Beacon Hill ’linear’ style of learning contrasts sharply with the ’spiral’ curriculums found in almost all schools, both public and private. This self-paced linear sequence with mastery is what sets Beacon Hill apart from almost all other math programs.

The Beacon Hill math student is required to have an almost instant recall of the basic facts of arithmetic. Oral drills complement the written work in order to facilitate this memorization. Though many, if not most, math programs have de-emphasized or even eliminated this set of skills, this knowledge greatly enhances the student’s ability to work problems in algebra and higher math. Finger counting, reliance on calculators, and other crutches used instead of memorization make success in high school and college math very difficult indeed.

The work for each student commences at a point at which he or she has already achieved complete understanding. In this way, nothing is missed or overlooked in the sequential progression of basic math. Also, the child learns to include the math practice in the daily routine. For many children, the program requires more mental focus than ever before. With the initial material being familiar to the child, the daily practice will soon build speed as well as confidence.

Using the Beacon Hill program, the child will become ready and able to accept the many challenges related to math, not just in school, but also for a lifetime.

Math for Older Learners

This is a self-paced program for students in 2nd grade and up. The objective is to instill mastery learning using intensive daily repetition and practice of math concepts in a structured format.

Math for Younger Learners

A self-paced program for Preschool aged students through 1st grade. This program is the same as the math program for the older learners. In addition, the student / teacher ratio is lower in this program to allow the instructor to provide individual attention to each student.